Your Ryder Cup Week Greater Sheboygan Beer Guide

In town for the Ryder Cup? You’re near some great beer destinations.

JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE on a golf vacation doesn’t mean you need to take a vacation from great beer. And of course, you’re here in Wisconsin, where we famously know our way around a brewhouse. 

Here is a six-pack of breweries and beer destinations within a reasonable drive (or Lyft!) from Sheboygan. If you’re willing to head to Milwaukee, hit me up on Twitter @WIBeerBaron for some recs. 


1. 3 Sheeps Brewing


It’s super convenient for Ryder Cup fans that Sheboygan’s hometown brewery is one of the best in the state. It’s a brewery that does so many things well that it’s hard to say there’s a single strength in its lineup – hazy hops, big stouts, easy drinkers and fruit are all well executed – but be sure not to miss Cashmere Hammer nitro rye stout. And there’ll be hoopla galore this week at 3 Sheeps’ spacious, comfortable taproom, with three special golf-themed beers, activities on site and much more.

With the Ryder Cup coming to town, 3 Sheeps Brewing of Sheboygan is rolling out three golf-themed beers. Courtesy 3 Sheeps Brewing

2. 8th Street Ale Haus


Sheboygan’s most beer-centric bar pours a mix of beer, cider and hard kombucha from its 30 taps, but expect an emphasis on Wisconsin’s smaller, lesser-known breweries here. The space on the north edge of downtown is gently upscale in the contemporary gastropub style, and the food menu features snacks and sandwiches. 




3. Plymouth Brewing 


This little brewery in the “Cheese Capital of the World,” now home to the acclaimed cheesemakers Sartori and Sargento, has been open for 10 years, but it holds down a long history of brewing in Plymouth. The brewery’s taproom opened in 2013 and offers 14 beers on tap in a mix of house-made styles, usually including at least one guest beer. There’s no food, but carry-in nosh is welcome.  

4. Foxtown Brewing


This one’s a bit further afield from Sheboygan, but it’s absolutely worth the drive if you can make the time. The owners renovated a building on the site of the Opitz Zimmerman Brewery, which brewed its first batch of beer in 1857, into a contemporary but history-imbued palace of beer. It’s an absolute stunner of a taproom, inside and out, and the brewery offers tours of the lager caves above which the current building sits. Foxtown’s beer is good, too, with nicely done traditional styles and a few solid contemporary offerings as well. A full food menu is on offer, too. 

5. Sahale Ale Works


This brewery opened in 2019 with an emphasis on traditional European styles offered in a warm, friendly taproom. Founder and brewmaster Matthew Hofmann isn’t afraid to try different things, and there’s usually at least one Belgian-origin style among the 10 taps and often a barrel-aged beer as well. There’s no food at the brewery, but you’re welcome to carry in; I recommend Lobo’s Place, a Mexican joint less than a block away. The brewery’s name, pronounced “Sa-HA-lay”, comes from a mountain in Washington’s Cascades that Hofmann climbed.

Sahale Ale Works
Sahale Ale Works

6. Stilt House Gastrobar


This cool spot in the heart of charming Cedarburg (think: shopping, restaurants, antiques) features 30 taps and a great outdoor patio along Cedar Creek. The taps here feature a lot of great Wisconsin options, with flights available if you want to do some exploring. Look for local Milwaukee favorites from breweries like Third Space Brewing, 1840 Brewing, Eagle Park Brewing and Raised Grain Brewing. The full food menu is very solid as well if you’re looking to extend your stop here. 



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