Wings of an Angel

The unexpected passing of Warren the bat.

In October, the Wisconsin Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Milwaukee marked the unexpected passing of Warren, a big brown bat who, after his rescue as a “young pup,” bonded so closely to a wildlife rehabilitator, Crystal Sharlow-Schaefer, “the apple of his tiny eye,” (seen below) that he rode around on her shoulder all day or in a small pouch that she carried with her. After an injury, Warren had lost the ability to communicate with his fellow bats, who are normally very social animals.

The star of many a nature presentation, Warren died unexpectedly of what the Society says was probably a “serious neurological episode.”

(Photos: Wisconsin Humane Society)

warren 1


Settling in to nosh on a meal worm.


Warren inside his sleeping pouch, where he returned to each night.



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