During golf season, about a dozen of the woolly residents of Whistling Straits have free run of the courses. But 2015 PGA Championship golfers won't have to worry a bout any baaaaad shots.


Photo by Mark Brautigam. Click for full screen photo.

As Whistling Straits was in its Irish-inspired planning phases, never-sheepish owner Herb Kohler wanted these Scottish blackface sheep to complete the theme. So yes, during golf season, about a dozen of the woolly residents have free run of its two golf courses, including the Irish Course’s 11th green (seen here). But when the 2015 PGA Championship comes to Kohler’s Straits Course Aug. 10-16, the sheep will move to an off-site farm for safekeeping. So no, you don’t have to worry about Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth hitting any baaaaad shots into the flock.

‘What the Flock?’ appears in the August 2015 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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