What Is the Ultimate Shower Beer? We Asked, You Answered

We asked: What do you think is the ultimate shower beer for a Wisconsinite?

After an exhausting day on the job, in preparation for a night on the town or both, the shower beer has assimilated into Wisconsin culture. There is no question as to why it did, letting that delicious and chilled beverage join you in the most intimate of places is a near religious experience. If you spill, who cares! It will be washed off in seconds anyway. 

We polled our Instagram followers to see what the preferred shower beer was, and the results are in!

Photo by Everett Eaton

First Place: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon is right, when you crack open that 12oz or tallboy, as many suggested, you know you made a great call. A classic Milwaukee lager with a sweet and soothing golden taste. Cheap enough to crush and tasty enough to enjoy, PBR is a world-class shower beer.

Second Place: Miller High Life

The Champagne of Beers unsurprisingly took a solid second place. It has a crisp and smooth taste that pairs beautifully with a nice hot shower. It is a classic tailgating beer, a people pleaser and one you just can’t go wrong with.

Third Place: Happy Place

A newer local brew from Third Space Brewing whose vibrant smell of hops, citrus and other fruits is a perfect summer selection. A reminder of the beach, walking around in shorts and getting reasonably priced beers before strolling over to the Potawatomi Casino or Miller… er, American Family Field. This is the perfect shower beer to put anyone in a relaxed mood.

Honorable Mentions

Totally Naked by New Glarus

Totally Naked? More like totally fitting. There can’t be a better way to take a shower than with a brew that is also in its birthday suit. So named because it has “nothing to hide,” this summer seasonal pale lager is a tribute to the simplicity of malt, hops, water and yeast. You will not be left wanting with this Wisconsin-only shower companion.

Shower Bier by Young Blood

Why not be honest about what it is? A Shower Bier is a shower beer. This just-released Bavarian lager is exactly what anyone would want after a long day’s work. Young Blood recommends this to be served ice cold and the sweetness of the malt combined with a pleasant bitterness was specifically designed for this exact circumstance.

Sproose by Black Husky

As with most IPAs, this boozy double IPA you are sure to feel warm and fuzzy after your shower, and it won’t be just from the hot water. Brewed with real spruce tips, you will get not-so-subtle flavors of the Northwoods and hints of citrus. For those who would rather be camping, this is the perfect shower beer to turn that shower head into a hidden waterfall.