We Now Know the Best Beer in Milwaukee

The winner of our Beer Bracket is…


Determining the best beer in Brew City is serious business. That’s why we partnered with Roth Cheese to put together our first-ever Beer Bracket to find out which brew will take the title. 

Wisconsin Beer Baron Chris Drosner (who also happens to be our executive editor) put together a bracket of 16 great Milwaukee beers. And after four weeks of voting, we narrowed it down to the final two: Third Space Brewing’s Happy Place and Lakefront Brewery’s Riverwest Stein.



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The winner of the Beer Bracket is [opens imaginary envelope]: Riverwest Stein from Lakefront Brewery! 

Lakefront Brewery has been a staple of Milwaukee brewing since 1987. Riverwest Stein is its flagship amber lager, named after the neighborhood where the brewery was founded. The beer has a medium-light body with a caramel malt flavor. 

“[Riverwest Stein] reflects the personality of the town,” Russ Klisch, president, founder and owner of Lakefront said during the Facebook livestream with Roth Cheese and the finalists. “It’s a hearty beer, and we have hearty people here that drink it. I’m very proud that the city has adopted it and that that’s associated with us… There’s an emotional connection between that beer and the city.” 

Klisch celebrated the win by cracking open a Riverwest Stein and taking a victory sip. 

“The city has adopted both of us,” Klisch said. “The city has won here with having two great breweries, so I appreciate having [Third Space] here in town. It’s gonna help build the craft industry… and help make Brew City again.” 

Roth Cheese put together a list of cheese pairings for each of the beers on the bracket. The recommended pairing for Riverwest Stein is Roth’s Original Gouda. Find the other pairings here

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