The Walker's Point ice cream joint pairs up its wares with Liege-style Belgian waffles for a different local brunch experience.

Liege-style Belgian waffles made in-roads into my street food consumption last summer. The iron-pressed dough – with pockets of crunchy pearl sugar turning the exterior to a crispy shell – is about the best way a waffle could show up for a meal. On a few Sundays in October, Purple Door Ice Cream is teaming up with Waukesha’s Wafel Straat (a cart making regular appearances at the Waukesha Farmers’ Market) for a waffles-and-ice cream brunch, held at Purple Door (205 S. Second St.). Wafel Straat (Belgian for “Waffle Street”) will start the waffle-making at noon this Sunday (Oct. 2) and will keep serving this delectable duo until the waffles run out. Each waffle-ice cream creation is $4.50. Add coffee or a topping for 50 cents. Subsequent waffles-and-ice cream dates are Oct. 9 and 23.



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