The Trump Campaign Wants Your Two Cents

In exchange, it’s giving us some Pence on Thursday.

Vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence is coming to Milwaukee on Thursday as the Trump campaign continues to retool its strategy and messaging (ambiguous references to “Second Amendment People” notwithstanding). In service of this difficult endeavor is a new web poll filled with more loaded questions than a round of Double Jeopardy. The campaign mailed this out to one of its internal lists, but it’s open to anyone with the link.

Certain questions on national priorities just happen to emphasize multiple choice answers already built into the campaign’s rhetoric, and other nuggets you just can’t say no to. The scientific results are coming to a Trump rally near you.

Do you agree:

“Our tax system must be simplified to help working families and reduce IRS corruption.”

“America must become energy independent to strengthen our economy and end dependence on our enemies for oil.”

“Taking proper care of our veterans must be a cornerstone of the Trump administration.”

“We cannot tax our way out of debt. Instead, we must stop wasteful spending to reduce our $19 trillion debt.”

“We must end government regulations that have cost Americans jobs in states like Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia.”

Actually no, I’d prefer a country with a corrupt and counterproductive tax system, a flagrant disregard for injured veterans and their health care needs, and a bitter enmity for manufacturing workers in Pennsylvania. Slightly more open-ended questions on school choice, Obamacare and the role of states are also included.

Just don’t forget to leave your email and zip code at the bottom.

Pence will be at the Hilton – Milwaukee City Center hotel on Wisconsin Avenue on Thursday at 7 p.m. Doors open at 4 p.m. The Trump ticket has struggled to gain ground in Wisconsin, where a Marquette Poll released on Wednesday shows the Republican candidate losing 46-36 to Democrat Hillary Clinton among registered voters.



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