Ice bar at St Paul Fish Company

Third Ward Locations Postpone Ice Bars for the Second Time

Because Mother Nature doesn’t want us drinking outside yet.

When people say the weather is unpredictable in Wisconsin, there’s a hint of truth to it. Three ice bars that were supposed to open this winter in the Third Ward have had their start pushed back twice, now aiming for Feb. 1, because of the spring-like weather Milwaukee has been seeing.

The Wicked Hop, Café Benelux and St. Paul Fish Company were originally supposed to open their outdoor, igloo-inspired bars on Jan. 19, but due to rain and warmer temperatures, the date got pushed back, first to Jan. 24.

For the bars to last more than a week, the restaurants have to make sure the weather will be in their favor. For now, the upcoming forecast is showing dryer and cooler conditions, perfect for outdoor ice bars. 

Unless Mother Nature changes her mind and brings even more warm and rainy days, the ice bars will open on the corner of Broadway and St. Paul Avenue on Feb. 1 at 5 p.m.