The movers and shakers and wheelers and dealers who make things happen.

Edited by Kurt Chandler | Photographs by Adam Ryan Morris

Written by Ann Christenson, Erik Gunn, Claire Hanan, Matt Hrodey, Howie Magner, Laura Merisalo, Georgia Pabst, Rich Rovito, Dan Shafer & Jon Anne Willow

They forge connections, pull the levers of change and shape the future of metro Milwaukee.

They’re politicians and CEOs, real-estate moguls and sports stars. They’re multimillionaires, entertainment kingpins, talk show hosts and social activists.

Some work behind the scenes, others front and center. Some have made the lists in the past, others are newcomers, young and creative and driven, inching their way to the top as the Old Guard falls back.

They’re the best in their class, people with access, people with clout, and they have what it takes to get things done.

We’ve ranked Milwaukee’s power players in 10 areas of influence. Read on to see who made the list. And who didn’t.

Areas include:

  • Politics & Government
  • Business & Finance
  • Sports
  • Development
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Philanthropy
  • Education
  • Justice System
  • Media

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