Summer Shades

Natural neutrals (with sun protection!) speak loudest when it’s warmest. And pops of coral complement all skin tones.

Printed Pride

Yes, yes, we know you love Milwaukee. We do, too. That’s why we found these locally made Wisco-centric tees, in designs and colors of all stripes.

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Meteor Shower

1. Stone bullet necklace, $18 at Lizzibeth. 2. Pendant necklace by San Benito, $179 at Faye’s. 3. Necklace with graphite, $144 at Refined Boutique. 4. Hard Rock Life necklace, $38  at Lizzibeth. 5. Pyrite drop rock necklace by AFI, $289 at Faye’s. 6. Oval pendant necklace by Marcia Moran, $152 at Refined Boutique. 7. Hummingbird pendant necklace by NYC Jewels, $39 at Faye’s. 8. Crystal-lined  spike necklace, $16 at Lizzibeth. 9. Champagne rock necklace, $119 at Refined Boutique. 10. Necklace by What’s in Store, $28 at Urban Laundry.