Printed Pride

Yes, yes, we know you love Milwaukee. We do, too. That’s why we found these locally made Wisco-centric tees, in designs and colors of all stripes.

featured image, cropped

Meteor Shower

1. Stone bullet necklace, $18 at Lizzibeth. 2. Pendant necklace by San Benito, $179 at Faye’s. 3. Necklace with graphite, $144 at Refined Boutique. 4. Hard Rock Life necklace, $38  at Lizzibeth. 5. Pyrite drop rock necklace by AFI, $289 at Faye’s. 6. Oval pendant necklace by Marcia Moran, $152 at Refined Boutique. 7. Hummingbird pendant necklace by NYC Jewels, $39 at Faye’s. 8. Crystal-lined  spike necklace, $16 at Lizzibeth. 9. Champagne rock necklace, $119 at Refined Boutique. 10. Necklace by What’s in Store, $28 at Urban Laundry.