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Fuel Cafe

Of all the amazing places restaurateurs extraordinaire Scott Johnson and Leslie Montemurro have opened, Fuel Cafe, their first born, is definitely the one I f...
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Dr. Dawg

I’ve written about a lot of different types of food on this blog. Mostly burgers, fine, but also Thai food, chili, tacos, barbecue and the like. What I ...
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Sven’s Café

A few weeks ago, a new little sandwich shop opened up on the East Side, nestled on a dark stretch of Kenilworth Avenue in the shadow of Beans & Barley. Th...
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Mr. Senor’s

Hello, loyal Cheap Eats readers. Did you miss me? Sorry for the long delay in posts – things have been a little busy in magazine land. But I’m her...
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My Office

The other day, as I was fumbling through the latest Facebook redesign feeling how my dad must feel every time he logs on (just kidding, dad, love you!), a statu...
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Brown Bag BBQ

I’ve heard some whispers, mostly coming from the art department, that my blog has been too burger-heavy lately. Fine. Who wants barbecue?! After a nearly...
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The Machine Shed

When the big boss man, Bruce Murphy, forwarded me an email about the latest State Fair gastronomical abomination, fried butter, and suggested it as a great item...
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Northpoint Custard

For years, north Lincoln Memorial Drive was a barren food wasteland. If you were enjoying a day at the beach, your food options were limited to the Bradford Bea...