Kristine Hansen shares a Milwaukee story about not letting a bicycle accident stop her from seeing Neil Young at Summerfest.

“Let’s bicycle to Summerfest,” my husband said eight years ago, pointing out free parking and kicking off an annual tradition.

In 2015, my front tire bounced off a railroad track during the trip there. I tumbled to the asphalt head-over-handlebars, my dress twisted beneath me. As I lay on the pavement, I considered the question: Could I possibly turn around and miss Neil Young performing  “Harvest Moon” live? Of course not! Sunglasses hid my tears as I wiggled through a Main Gate turnstile. A quick stop at First Aid and it was on to the Marcus, where I stood in the pit, with bruises and scratches on my knees and elbows, not to mention a pounding headache and pain in my ribs with each movement, for a nearly three-hour show.

The music healed.

“You Can’t Stop the Music” is party of the essay collection, “True Stories,” which appears in the 2016 City Guide issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

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