Summer Essay: Beer Caves

Summer Essay: Beer Caves

Antonio Davis shares a Milwaukee story about leading tours of Miller Valley’s 82-acre campus

I was home from college and seeking a challenge outside my comfort zone during summer of 2013. A call came from a family member who worked for MillerCoors as a tour guide. They needed another guide. Was I interested? My response: INDEED!

I learned the tour script in eight days, and took my place leading 45 to 100 people on a strip of Miller Valley’s 82-acre campus. Traveling between packaging and shipping, brewhouse, Miller Caves and the beer garden, I grew more confident presenting Milwaukee’s brewery history to people from around the world. Walking up 56 stairs each tour during the peak of summer didn’t hurt my fitness, either.

As each tour ended, tour groups stood in anticipation to shout, “It’s Miller Time,” and hear me announce the beer samples of the day. Miller Lite was a crowd favorite. The summer breeze and soft music that filled the beer garden was always a relief to me: another tour done, another group ready to extend their stay.

“Beer Caves” is party of the essay collection, “True Stories,” which appears in the 2016 City Guide issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

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