Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers Is Planning an $8 Million Addition

The South Side clinic is getting a pharmacy.

“This has long been a dream of ours,” Julie Schuller, president and CEO of Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, says about the up to $8 million expansion of its Cesar Chavez Drive clinic and headquarters. “Finally, we’re able to bring it to fruition.”

The project uses $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds, along with money raised by the organization, to add a new pharmacy attached to its clinic. Groundbreaking is scheduled for this spring, with hopes to open in 2024. “A full-service pharmacy is really exciting because our patients can walk straight from their doctor over to pick up their prescription,” says Schuller.



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The health clinic was founded in 1969, starting as a small, volunteer-run operation at 16th Street and Greenfield Avenue, providing free health care to low-income patients in the South Side neighborhood. It’s since expanded into a nonprofit with seven full-service clinics on Milwaukee’s South Side and one in Waukesha. Each provides bilingual and accessible health care to people who otherwise couldn’t afford it, including the uninsured. Per year, it receives roughly 200,000 patient visits.

Most recently, Sixteenth Street opened a clinic at South Division High School, one of 23 it operates in schools across the county. “We want to meet people where they are to help them live their healthiest lives,” Schuller says.


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