Five courses prepared by local chefs and plated on dishes custom-made by local potter Kate Riley.

riley_platecollectivePotter Kate Riley is consumed in clay, in these days leading up to her next Plate Collective dinner – June 7 at The National (839 W. National Ave.). The feast of local food and functional art features five courses prepared by a team of talent – Meritage’s Jan Kelly, Goodkind’s Lisa Kirkpatrick, The National’s Nell Benton, and Pastiche’s Rachel Carr. Each course is served on dishes Riley custom-made for the dinner. And here is Benton’s course from the menu: dashi-poached pork tenders, carrot-ginger beurre blanc, sesame crust. Beer and wine hour 6 p.m.; dinner at 7 p.m. Tickets: $105, plus tax. Guests will receive a takeaway mug made by Riley. Limited seating. That’s called intimate! Click here to buy tickets.



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