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9 Outrageous Milwaukee Foods to Indulge In

We put together a full day’s itinerary of over-the-top, egregiously unhealthy, and exceptionally satisfying eats.

[Disclaimer: Milwaukee Magazine is not responsible for exceeding your daily calorie count.]

 A.M. Overindulgence  


Fat Elvis
from Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts

Feast on all of Elvis’s favorites, including banana crème, peanut butter, chocolate and bacon, baked into one doughy ball of goodness.


Fat Elvis is in the building!! #getsome #iifym #istraining #doughnutsanddeadlifts #teamtntwi #teamironnation #crossfit #holeymoley #sayyestodoughnuts

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Bloody Mary
from Sobelman’s

Quench your late morning thirst and fill your starving stomach with “The Bloody Beast.” But don’t go alone. Conquering this beast will take at least four appetites, as it is served with an entire friend chicken, mini cheeseburgers, cheese and sausage kebobs and more! 

Deep Fried Coffee on a Stick  
from Coffeeworks

Served hot or iced, one sip of this caramel vanilla latte topped with whipped cream, a toasted marshmallow and a hazelnut stick is enough to send you straight into a sugar-induced coma. It’s not exactly the state-of-matter-bending concoction that the name suggests (seriously, how do you get a liquid on a stick?), but its garnish game is on point.

Pro Level: Compete in a Food Challenge

Experience a real “breakfast of champions” by tackling the King/Queen of Johnny V’s Breakfast Challenge. The 5-pound smorgasbord consists of ten eggs, eight pancakes, hash browns, three pieces of bacon and three pieces of sausage, a slice of ham and two slices of Texas toast. Complete the challenge in under an hour and your $18 meal is free. You’ll also be recognized on Johnny’s “Wall of Fame,” as well as receive a free t-shirt. These 3 Milwaukee-area restaurants also host best-busting eating contests.


 Midday Gorge 

Giant Pretzel
from Mader’s Restaurant

You’ve never seen a handmade pretzel quite this big before! (Carbs be damned.)


Up since 4am & waiting on my flight home, but still dreaming about this pretzel that was 2x bigger than my face. #mkexplore

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from Real Chili

Grab a mild, medium or hot bowl with all the fixins. Pile high your already heaping bowl of chili with shredded cheese, sour cream, onions, jalapenos and oyster crackers. And don’t forget round two for half the price.      

 Evening Binge 

Safe House Fat Bastard
Photo courtesy of the Safe House

Barrie Burger
from AJ Bombers

As if burgers lacked protein, AJ Bombers layers chunky peanut butter and bacon on top of a quarter pound cheeseburger.

America’s Original “Cheesehead” Burger
from Solly’s Grille

This jaw-breaking (not to mention belt-breaking) butter burger is one of the best in the state, according to many discerning palates. As one Cheesehead fan states, “it’s famous, insane and terrible for you.”

The Fat Bastard
from The Safe House

Another menu item to be shared by many: brownie bites, chocolate cake and ice cream come served in a super-sized martini glass, swimming in chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream. We can’t stop; we won’t stop.