Watch the New Music Video for WebsterX’s ‘Everything’

Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue co-direct the new music video for WebsterX’s Radiohead-inspired “Everything.”

Nothing heralds a drop-everything-you’re-doing-and-watch-this moment quite like a new WebsterX music video. Ever since last year’s “Doomsday,” the rapper’s video premieres feel like major events, the local equivalent to a surprise Radiohead or Beyoncé release.

For his latest sci-fi themed video “Everything,” he again teams up with the directors behind “Doomsday” and July’s “Lately,” Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue. The co-directors have been working mainly without the other as of late, but they always pool their talents for WebsterX videos.

“Everything” is the trio’s most ambitious production to date. The effervescent cinematic quality is bumped up a few notches here by incorporating stunning visual effects while never overreaching into the grandiose and kitschy. And the narrative structure is straightforward and in-depth, merging multiple story threads into the final few shots.

The song itself, a track that originally appeared on WebsterX and Q The Sun’s collaborative Radiohead-inspired EP, KidX, is an otherworldly and burbling affair, one that feels like a transmission from a different universe. It’s fitting then that we first see WebsterX emerging from an extraterrestrial capsule, a foreign being that garners a flood of media attention by prominently crashing to Earth but whose true purpose remains discrete until the very end.



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