Priebus' big job, election reflections, your cell phone, the moon and football

Lots of post-election news still to digest:

Donald Trump picked Kenosha’s own Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, a key role that puts two Wisconsin Republicans at the center of power in TrumpWashington (the other being Priebus pal Speaker Paul Ryan.)

For those who wondered if Bernie Sanders might have beaten Trump, had he been the Democratic nominee, here’s a “yes,” and here’s a more convincing “no.”

The Journal Sentinel’s Craig Gilbert had a good analysis of last week’s Wisconsin vote on Sunday.

In other news:

Think twice before giving out your mobile phone number, says the New York Times.

You can still see a bit of the supermoon tonight, if the cloud cover cooperates.

The University of Wisconsin football team climbed another place in the national rankings, to No. 6, after drubbing Illinois on Saturday.

But don’t ask me (or Kato Kaelin)  about the Packers.