Your morning medley.

Your Thursday reading.

  • The state has confirmed a new case of the Elizabethkingia infection, whose symptoms include fever, chills, shortness of breath and cellulitis. The infection typically afflicts people older than 65 with at least one other underlying serious illness. It’s the 61st case of its kind in Wisconsin.
  • “Saved by the Bell’s” Dustin Diamond is back behind bars. 
  • Donald Trump and Wisconsin son Rep. Paul Ryan spoke on the phone last night. Bloomberg puts the call in context and attempts to figure out exactly what was said. 
  • The new glass? Wood.
  • It might read like a Mad Libs if it weren’t true: A Pay-Pal co-founder and tech investor subsidized wrestler Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against website Gawker. Hogan sued the site after it published a portion of his sex tape. In 2007, Gawker outed the investor, Peter Thiel, as gay.