Morning Links for September 1, 2015

Death, taxes, and Scott Walker.

It’s September. Winter is coming.

  • Presidential hopeful Gov. Walker released an ad targeting Democrats, Bush the Younger, and the nuclear agreement between the Obama administration and Iran. The video contains all the right elements of a political ad (finger-pointing + promises) and is consistent with his theme of the “Day One” task list.
  • Activist group Common Ground announced their opposition to the city’s plan to finance a new arena for a basketball team with $47 million in taxpayer moola.
  • According to The New York Times,  Milwaukee isn’t the only city seeing a sharp increase in homicides.
  • Pope Francis announced today that all Catholic priests can offer forgiveness to women who’ve had abortions starting at the beginning of the “Jubilee Year of Mercy” that begins Dec. 8.
  • Milwaukee Record has the lineup for Bay View bash.



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