Dustin Diamond's stabbing trial, anthrax in the mail, Cher modeling Marc Jacobs, and stolen tires in Riverwest.

Proof that reading is fundamental:


The stabbing trial for Dustin Diamond (“Screech” from the 1990s TV show “Saved by the Bell”) started Wednesday. The Port Washington-based actor is facing charges that he stabbed a man during a confrontation in a bar.


You live in Riverwest? Hold on to your tires. Thieves have reportedly stolen dozens of tires from parked cars in the last several days.


Singer-actress-woman-has-no-last-name Cher is the new face of designer Marc Jacobs, proving that 69 is the new 39.


Wisconsin is one of the states that received a shipment of live anthrax spores from a U.S. Army facility in Utah.



Hey, pizza fans. If you don’t eat your crust, you’re not really eating pizza. So says actor Sir Patrick Stewart.