Puppies, Starbucks, beef and politics.

Recommended reading that pairs well with blizzard conditions.

  • Drivers suspected of operating under the influence can no longer refuse a blood test starting tomorrow, thanks to a new bill Gov. Scott Walker signed into law yesterday.
  • Don’t all rush out to the ‘Sha now. Waukesha Now reports that an area Starbucks location is now carrying beer and wine.
  • The beef bubble has burst! Money magazine says that while beef isn’t considered cheap, it’s becoming less expensive than it was when prices peaked about a year ago. Stroganoff for everyone.
  • It’s “super Tuesday,” people, and that means voters in about a dozen states are heading to the polls for Democratic and Republican primary voting. Wisconsinites, of course, have to cool their political jets until April 5.
  • A very fertile California sheepdog just gave birth to 17 grubby yet adorable puppies.