Waukesha's water problem, Trump tweets, and a punishment for companies whose data has been hacked.

The top stories for Tuesday morning:

  • Proposed state legislation would make it a felony to use aborted fetal tissue in biomedical research, a longstanding practice for at least one company that has received nearly a million dollars in WEDC money, reports the Journal Sentinel.¬†
  • The U.S. stock market opened higher today than it did yesterday, which will come as a relief to some despite the previous three days’ $3-trillion plunge.
  • How long will it be before a presidential debate is held on Twitter? For Donald Trump, we’re guessing not soon enough.
  • An appeals court ruled that the FTC can sue a company for being hacked, says Wired.
  • The New York Times¬†picked up the story on Waukesha’s request for Lake Michigan water – a request that is a “major test” for the 2008 Great Lakes compact.