Lions, transit and trade missions, oh my!

What we’re reading over coffee:

  • A handful of some of Milwaukee’s largest companies and schools are joining together to reduce crime on the city’s near West Side. The $1 million initiative will span three years, reports the Journal Sentinel. 
  • Gov. Walker will give a speech at a trade show in Hannover, Germany today, and the speech will be his last public event in a taxpayer-funded trade mission that lasts all week.
  • One Seattle-based credit card processing company is raising the wages of its 120 employees so that no employee makes less than $70,000.
  • The Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service finds it is still hard for central Milwaukee workers to get to suburban jobs if they don’t have a car, thanks mostly to a steady decline in transit funding.
  • As of 6 a.m., there is still a “famed P-22 mountain lion” stuck under a house.