Super Bowl ruminations, money for schools, Wisconsin and national politics overlapping and a theater great's passing

Happy day after Super Bowl. Here’s what’s got us obsessed today:

That Super Bowl comeback by Deflategate cheater Tom Brady was not so much fun – he took apart the team that destroyed the Green Bay Packers two weeks before. Which means he probably would have beat the Pack, too.  Better to focus on the performance of Wisconsin Badgers running back (and now New England Patriot) James White, who broke Super Bowl records for passes caught and points scored. And still everybody’s talking about Brady. Go figure.

Speaking of Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker wants to put lots more money back into our schools, after taking a lot out a few years ago.

And the Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley is pointing out parallels between the protests against Walker in 2011 and 2012, and the uproar today over President Donald Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promises – especially the one about banning Muslim immigrants.

The New York Times has an interesting story about how the Trump team is rethinking its tactics in the wake of the chaos that resulted from Trump’s order instituting the ban (or whatever we should call it).

And also in the Times, here’s our neighbor Charlie Sykes, continuing on the never-Trump theme that he developed on WTMJ radio, writing over the weekend about how to survive in a post-fact political landscape.

Finally, Barbara Gensler, the retired head of Shorewood High School’s drama department, and one of the real greats of the local theater scene, has passed away.