Perhaps the only thing missing in this mini-documentary about the Milwaukee Skeeball League is a montage scored with The Final Countdown.

First of all, The Milwaukee Skeeball League has an amazing website. Second of all, it’s really a league for playing skeeball in a bar. Thirdly, play is divided into “skeesons” taken “skeeriously” and sometimes, when choice of beer pitcher is at stake, a form of “democraskee” is invoked. Players, aka rollers, run in such teams as Skeealis and Hepatitas Skee, and, again, we’re not liable for any of the puns contained in this post or the following video by recent Marquette grad Connor Hoefflin and friends.

UPDATE: According to Hoefflin, the league requires the champion team each year to split up, spreading those talented players to other teams. In general, the teams shuffle and re-shuffle their rosters often, making it easier for newcomers to get involved. Milwaukee’s league began as part of Skee Nation, a national alliance, but has since struck out on its own under the leadership of Commissioner Justin Houck, seen in the video with a Rollie Fingers lip decorator.



h/t r/milwaukee