Milwaukee Artist You Should Know: Versio Curs

Allow us to introduce you.

Versio Curs’ music is a pick-me-up and a buzzkill all at once. On the Milwaukee band’s new sophomore LP Quit, bright, zippy guitars are cast against mopey, often trenchantly funny lyrics. It’s hard to put a genre- tag on music like this. Indie-rock has too snooty an insinuation, pop-punk too immature of one.

The album periodically recalls early 2000s emo, and the band has some roots in that style, too, but “I wouldn’t say we’re emo anymore,” says guitarist George Kuether. “It’s like a sneaky emo where you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s depressing!’” quips singer Kyle Halverson. “Even if it’s an upbeat, poppy song, the lyrics are a little darker.”




How do you guys see yourselves fitting into the Milwaukee music scene?

Kuether: I actually love the Milwaukee music scene. Both of our other members are in bands. Our bassist [Alex Hardy] is in a hardcore band called Mud Dog, and he writes virtually all of that stuff. It’s fantastic. It’s not something your mom’s going to want to go see, but it’s very entertaining. Josh [Ehlke], our drummer, is in Buena Cara, and he’s played with Holy Pinto, Caley Conway and virtually every band in Milwaukee. We love Telethon, Paper Holland, Honey Creek, The Unitaskers, Shamewave and Fuzzysurf, and we’ve been lucky to play with a lot of these bands. There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in Milwaukee right now.

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