Milwaukee Artist You Should Know: Puerto Wiccan

Allow us to introduce you to Maikayla Gutierrez.

WHEN SHE’S NOT ON STAGE, rapping as Puerto Wiccan, Maikayla Gutierrez can often be found training to become a mortician. And that might give you an idea of what makes her music unique. Describing herself as a “dark lyrical underground female MC from the South Side of Milwaukee,” she raps about pyramids, aliens and other realms.

Do you have creative outlets outside of music?

I’m also a local artist. I have my own brand, Infinities Essential Oddities, at Altered State of Mind [a Bay View boutique that sells metaphysical merchandise].



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When did you start rapping?

In a serious way? About two years ago, but I’ve been writing since I was in middle school. … For a while, I was working at ArtWorks for Milwaukee. I used writing as a coping strategy and I brought that to the table. They let me host my own writing group with children. Honestly, that’s what made me so serious about writing. It’s something pure and authentic.

What are your plans post-pandemic?

I’m going to keep writing and dropping singles. Even though the community has been stagnant, I feel like dropping videos is important because people are home all the time. It’s like, “Wow, visuals.”

How do you feel your music is evolving?

I would usually send my music to other people for words of advice before dropping. I feel like that’s really helped my growth as an artist, communicating with other artists, bouncing ideas off of them and myself.

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