Why I Love Milwaukee: A Hymn to Milwaukee Coffee

Milwaukee’s coffee scene is certainly worth a lot of love.

WHO: The Rev. Delaney Schlake-Kruse, 29, describes herself on Instagram as a “Pastor. Dreamer. Patriarchy smasher.” Since moving here in 2016 after seminary in Ohio, the pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 2812 W. Wisconsin Ave., has come to love one thing most about Milwaukee: its coffee.

WHERE: Valentine Coffee Co., 5918 W. Vliet St.

The coffee situation in Milwaukee is very important to me. As I’m getting older, I just like to read books and sit in coffee shops.

A good coffee shop always has to have good music. Valentine has good music. It’s got to be chill, where I don’t have to sing along, but I like it – an intersection of Vampire Weekend and Sufjan Stevens, you know?

Whenever I would visit before actually moving here, I would always get a drink at Colectivo and then buy a bunch of beans.

Now, my husband and I ship beans to my family every month. It’s like they have a subscription to Colectivo through us.

When I buy coffee beans, I grind them at home. My favorite is the Bering Sea Blend from Valentine. It’s, like, yum. It’s great. I always feel superior when a barista asks me, “Can we grind these for you?” Then I get to say, “No, I’ll grind them myself in my fancy grinder.”

But sometimes I still get a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and feel real basic. And then I have to go drink real coffee from one of the in-town shops right afterward.

— The Rev. Delaney Schlake-Kruse, as told to Adam Rogan



Adam is a journalist who recently returned to his Wisconsin home after graduating from Drake University in December 2017. He interned with MilMag in the summer of 2015 and has been a continual contributor ever since. Follow him on social media @Could_Be_Rogan