We set out to capture the characters that make Summerfest so much fun.

Summerfest is full of characters and personalities, and not just up on stage. The Big Gig has some of the best people-watching anywhere.

We set out to capture some of those personalities for our “Humans of Summerfest” series, which you’ll be seeing throughout the 11 days of the World’s Largest Music Festival.

See them all here!

HUMANS OF SUMMERFEST We met Peggy from Milwaukee selling cigars near the Briggs & Stratton stage. Her first Summerfest concert was Sly and the Family Stone and Humble Pie in the late 60s and she’s only missed two Big Gigs since. “In ’68 it was just gravel and it was just a mess, and they had some rides down here. There weren’t stages like this; speakers were on scaffolding and kids were climbing up the scaffolding. We burnt chairs. They had chairs to sit on that were in a series of five—we would burn them to keep warm. I didn’t start the fire but… you know. We were just big music fans and we had a blast.” Photo by Rebecca Kames. #humansofsummerfest #summerfest #milwaukee #lakefront #livemusic #peoplewatching #music #summerfest16 #biggig #mke

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HUMANS OF SUMMERFEST David drove to Milwaukee from Scottsdale, Arizona just to go to Summerfest. “I’ve never been to Wisconsin, never been north of Chicago but we have so many transplants there from the Midwest that I’ve been hearing about this gig for about ten years. They told me about this and the brewers and the beer and meat on a stick—so it was time for me to come check it out. I have two days to do this and then I’m hooking up with a lady friend. So I’ve got two days of Summerfest and two days of Snugglefest. We’re planning to do a fish fry Friday night—hit the hot spots.” Photo by Rebecca Kames. #summerfest #festival #summer #milwaukee #mke #summerfest16 #travel #milwaukeemag #music #beer #lakefront #fun

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