How to Plan a Milwaukee Micro Wedding

Planners expect smaller guest counts to reign supreme through 2021.


IF HOSTING A BIG WEDDING is like driving an 18-wheeler, planning a micro wedding is more like taking a trip around town on a Vespa. With a big wedding, you stick to the highways – venues that can accommodate hundreds of people, caterers that can feed the same. With a micro wedding, you can take the road less traveled, to small wooded chapels or harborside decks, or even your own backyard. That gives you more freedom. And, with it, more opportunities to really wow your guests. Here are a few ways to maximize the micro experience.

Treat Your Guests Like V.I.P.s 

Surprise them all by serving a round of welcome cocktails before your ceremony, or have individually wrapped macarons placed on their plates at the reception – the small scale lets you treat each of your guests to unexpected indulgences. 



Think Beyond the Big Day 

If a small group of out-oftowners will be spending the weekend in the city, consider inviting them all on a group outing before the day of the wedding. A tour of Lakefront Brewery or a trip to Bradford Beach both offer uniquely Milwaukee experiences. 

Get Creative with Your Entertainment 

Some traditional wedding rituals don’t scale down well, so consider swapping the DJ for a guitar-and-vocalist duet. But you know your crowd best. If they’re a bunch of dance-happy ragers, provide them with what they need to do their thing.

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