4 Local Venues Perfect For Your Milwaukee Micro Wedding

Downsize your day with one of these intimate venues.


What Does Micro Mean? At what point does your regular old wedding qualify as a “micro” wedding? Kristin Reisenauer, owner and lead planner at Natural Elegance Events, says the dividing line is 75 guests. But she’s worked on much smaller weddings too, including one with just 18 people. MilMag’s own digital editor Allison Garcia is currently planning a 12-guest wedding. Smaller than that, and you might want to consider an elopement.

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For the Ceremony

1. The Conservancy for Healing and Heritage 


Small and beautiful, this woodland chapel with glass-lined walls doesn’t have rental fees – though donations are certainly welcome.

Photo via the Conservancy for Healing and Heritage Facebook page

For the Reception

2. Onesto 


This casually chic Italian restaurant with Cream City brick walls and exposed wood beams has a lofted space overlooking the Third Ward that’s perfect for up to 75 guests. 

Photo via Onesto on Facebook.

3. Story Hill FireHouse 

407 N. HAWLEY RD. 

Once known as Old Engine House No. 35, this elegant wedding venue pays homage to its past, with a fire pole and vintage brass extinguishers that can be used to elevate floral installations. 

Photo by Hannah Toldt Photography

4. Bacchus 

925 E. WELLS ST. 

You’ll get multiple venues in one if you book with Bacchus: a lakeview dining room, glass-enclosed conservatory, outdoor patio and more. Plus, that legendary Bartolotta cuisine. 

Bacchus interior. Photo by Chris Kessler

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