What Your Favorite Milwaukee Beer Says About You

Your favorite Milwaukee beer may say a lot about your personality. We picked a small sample of local brews to analyze the insights that these “go-to” beers say about the person drinking them.

Photo courtesy of Lakefront Brewery.
Riverwest Stein
Lakefront Brewery

Sipping on one of Milwaukee’s original craft beers shows that you got in on the ground floor of this whole craft beer thing. Cheers to you, beer pioneer.

Black Bavarian
Sprecher Brewery

A classic choice for those who appreciate Milwaukee’s German heritage. You’re not wowed by big trendy hops or the latest sours. Nope, you enjoy tried and true.

Reward IIPA
Good City Brewing

A treat for the old school hop head. You aren’t ready to trade in bitter and dank for the new wave of juicier IPAs. Good City has you, and your weathered palate, covered.

Bottle of Paradocs beer with a gold medal
Photo courtesy of Miles Patzer of Raised Grain
Paradocs Red IIPA
Raised Grain Brewing

You like hanging out with winners. Paradocs claimed gold at the 2016 Great American Beer Fest and you like the way that a championship brew tastes—the perfect balance of caramel malt and earthy hops.

Louie’s Demise Amber Ale
Milwaukee Brewing

You like malty ambers and respect the dearly departed. Legend has it that the beer’s namesake met his end in a bar fight in Sheboygan in 1886. Cheers Louie, we hardly knew ye.

Bacon Bomb Rauchbier
Brenner Brewing

Art appreciation. Mike Brenner’s brewery has an adjacent art gallery and beer labels created by area artists. Sipping on the smoky Bacon Bomb (it’s not really made with bacon) shows you support the local arts.

Silver Creek Brewing

You’re a laid-back beer drinker who prefers all things casual. There’s no better way to express your low-key nature than sipping on an easy-drinking brew on the inviting Silver Creek patio on a quiet day in Cedarburg.

Outside of Black Husky BrewingSproose 2 IPA
Black Husky Brewing

Those who punish their palates with this bitter bomb are big fans of the outdoors. The beer is made with real spruce tips, which offers aficionados of the forest a true taste of the Northwoods.

Honey Lager Light
Water Street Brewery

A beer for the neat freak. Honey Lager Light is as crisp as a newly ironed shirt and delivers a small 4.2% ABV to help ensure that a night at Milwaukee’s original brewpub never gets messy.

Java Blanca Coffee Cream Ale
Third Space Brewing

You’re a fan of solving puzzles and riddles. After one sip you’ll start trying to decipher how this golden-hued ale can have such a rich dark coffee flavor — a conundrum that requires plenty of research.

Smokin’ Gramma Wee Heavy
Biloba Brewing

Mommy issues? Nah. But if this gramma has you under her thumb, just learn to accept it. It makes sense to be drawn toward this complex, potent and slightly smoky brew.

Pint glasses at Pabst Milwaukee Brewery
Photo courtesy of Pabst Milwaukee Brewery
Andeker German Helles
Pabst Milwaukee Brewery

You’re a seasoned beer veteran who vividly remembers when Schlitz, Pabst and Miller were the most popular breweries in town. Or, you’re a history buff who wants a taste of Milwaukee’s past. This reboot of a popular old recipe appeals to both.

Mike’s RyePL
Bavarian Bierhaus

Being conventional just isn’t your thing. That’s why you appreciate the appeal of a hoppy lager made with rye malt at a German-focused brewery. Those things don’t seem to go together until they’re poured into a glass.

Shackleton’s Endurance Barleywine
Explorium Brewpub

Bold beer explorers welcome the challenge posed by this big brew. You’re an intrepid beer drinker who laughs in the face of a potent 11% ABV. Just make sure someone else is piloting your craft when it’s time to drive home.

Bat$h!t Crazy Coffee Brown Ale
MobCraft Beer

You’re a strong proponent of the democratic process. Every month MobCraft puts beer recipes submitted by the public up for a vote and the winner gets brewed. It’s beer by the people, for the people.



Dan Murphy has been reviewing bars for Milwaukee Magazine for roughly 20 years. He’s been doing his own independent research in them for a few years more.