A DIY primer for creating a Pinterest-worthy piece of home decor.

Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

We asked Bjorn Chinander, a home designer and flower guru at Mequon’s Sendik’s store, how to create a robust bowl of uber-trendy succulent plants, which, by definition, store gobs of water in their leaves. That doesn’t mean you should leave them parched.

Step 1: Pick your plants
Chinander recommends looking for a mix of texture (soft or spiked) and color (everything from cerulean grays to purplish reds) when selecting your plants.

Step 2: Vessel variety
Find a pot or bowl that’s wide enough to accommodate all of your greenery. Whatever you choose, the vessel doesn’t have to be much more than 3 inches deep thanks to the succulents’ shallow roots.

Step 3: Soil selection
Find a potting soil with a little sand in it, says Chinander. This soil mimics the desert environment for which these waterlogged plants evolved. Then pot your pickins.

Step 4: Tender, loving occasional care
Part of the plants’ popularity has to do with their potential longevity and minimal care, Chinander says. For the grouping of succulents, disburse “light touches of water kind of interspersed throughout” every 7-10 days.

‘Fashionable Flora’ appears in the August 2015 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

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