Food Films A Feast For The Eyes at Milwaukee Film Festival

A buffet of eight films, all but one a documentary.

Movies are food for the eyes which makes movies about food doubly delicious.

For the second consecutive year the Milwaukee Film Festival will present Film Feast, a buffet of films about food and food culture, all but one of them a documentary.

One film is a tribute to Wisconsin’s supper clubs, another is about a beloved Wisconsin brewery and a film about champagne will feature a tasting event.

The eight films being presented are:

—Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club (2015/Holly L. De Ruyter) A relish tray filled look at the unique Wisconsin dining experience, its customers and its practitioners.

—Tale of the Spotted Cow (USA/2015) Story behind New Glarus brewery and its signature craft beer.

—A Year in Champagne (2014/David Kennard) “Effervescent” film about the history and production of the bubbly wine and about the region in France that is its namesake. Featuring Martine Saunier of “A Year In Burgundy.” The festival is hosting a champagne tasting even in conjunction with Lowlands Group and Wisconsin Foodie host Kyle Cherek.

—Off the Menu: Asian America (2015, Grace Lee) An around the country road trip through the immigrant food experience. Lee’s stops included the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek filmed when the director attended the film festival previously.

The Sturgeon Queens (2015, Julie Cohen) There are four generations of memories in this film about the New York declicatessan Russ and Daughters. A charming looking film in the tradition of Deli Man.

—Foodies (2014/Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius, Henrick Stockare) “You have to eat so you might as well eat well,” says one of the subjects in this documentary about taste-making food bloggers who eat their way around the world at exclusive Michelin Guide caliber restaurants.

—Good Things Await (2014, Phie Ambo) An alternative agriculture pioneer who provides food for Denmark’s most prestigious restaurants runs afoul of European Union regulations. Documentary.

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story (2014/Grant Baldwin) A Super Size Me-type doc about a couple who pledge to live only off of food that is thrown away. Called “a shocking expose of our food industry.”

—King Georges (2015/Erika Frankel) Film about the proprietor of Le Bec-Fin in Philadelphia turns into a portrait of his struggle to pass on his legacy.

—Love and Lemons (2013/Teresa Fabik) Danish Romantic comedy about a chef and her food critic neighbor.


The Milwaukee Film Festival, sponsored by the Journal Sentinel, runs Sept. 24 to Oct. 8. The Film Feast series is sponsored by On Milwaukee and Bel Air Cantina. Individual tickets are available Sept. 9 for members, Sept. 10 for the public.



Duane Dudek is a Milwaukee native. For more than 30 years, he was film critic and television columnist at the Milwaukee Sentinel and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He continues to apply his expertise at