Where Chefs Go When They Eat Out in Milwaukee

Where chefs from Odd Duck, Merriment Social, Amilinda, Iron Grate BBQ and Supper at the Shorecrest Hotel go out to eat.

Erik Hansen
Supper at the Shorecrest Hotel

Cheddarwurst at Vanguard
2659 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

Gregory León

The Tuesday Night Burger at Goodkind
2457 S. Wentworth Ave.

Aaron Patin
Iron Grate BBQ

Pupusas (thick, fried masa cakes) at El Salvador
2316 S. Sixth St.

Andrew Miller
Merriment Social

Massaman curry (3-star spice level) at Jow Nai Fouquet
1978 N. Farwell Ave.

Ross Bachhuber & Melissa Buchholz
Odd Duck and Hello Falafel

Diavola pizza at Tenuta’s
2995 S. Clement Ave.

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