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Learn why these 10 restaurants are tops.

With more deliciousness around town than ever before, editing this list down to 10 was a tough job. But our intrepid dining editor, Ann Christenson, performed due diligence, searching beyond the beaten path (Delafield!) and tasting all types of dishes (fried pig’s ear with fish sauce!) to compile this group of winners (which are numbered but not ranked). The results are served up for you on the following pages, along with some informative add-ons, including what dishes chefs like to eat, upcoming openings, food trends and more. Dig in!

Grilled halibut collar with hominy, pineapple, jicama, radish, lime, avocado. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

Grilled halibut collar with hominy, pineapple, jicama, radish, lime, avocado. Photo by Adam Ryan Morris.

Delafield Hotel, 415 Genesee St., 262-646-1600 ◆ Delafield ◆ Small Plates

The 10-year-old Delafield Hotel’s sale to a new owner in 2015 preceded – and prompted – a complete aesthetic and culinary overhaul of the restaurant formerly known as Andrew’s. Where it was once separated into quiet, antiques-laden rooms, the new incarnation named I.d. is modern, lofty and lively, with seating options that include a counter facing the open kitchen. Head chef Jonna Froelich, who’s held the reins of Andrew’s kitchen for the last three-plus years of its life, led the collaborative effort to transform the menu to a crack mix of snacks (roasted stuffed dates, Cuban fritters) and small plates. Froelich’s varied interests (she holds a master’s in British lit) led her to work in restaurants from Telluride, Colo. to Evanston, Ill. She has no intention of keeping I.d.’s menu stagnant and plans to change it often and not according to a schedule, thus giving the menu its tagline “randomly inspired.” There are plenty of spirited choices here, along with bright flavors and seasonal touches.

Try this: beef tongue (any preparation); grilled halibut collar with hominy, pineapple and jicama; wood-grilled octopus; Moroccan lamb kofta; pancetta and artichoke trofie pasta with lemon, hazelnut and eggs; cheese-charcuterie platter; desserts like the butterscotch pot

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