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Three Times the Harm

MCW researcher Dr. Anne Hoch Photo by Ben Smidt Betsy Hines had just suffered her 10th stress fracture in less than six years, forcing the 21-year-old Marq...
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Born Again

Illustration by Firecatcher When 29-year-old Christina Fordham gave birth to daughter Lily Anna last March, baby Lily was immediately brought to her chest,...
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Rat Race

Illustration by Firecatcher There are two kinds of people: Those for whom the phrase “scientific research” induces apathy and those who scooc...
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Oral Indication

Illustration by Firecatcher Dr. Paul Luepke, a periodontist and assistant professor at the Marquette University School of Dentistry, was examining a patien...
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The Cancer Ward

It was back in 1995 that Dr. Sheldon Wasserman, an obstetrician/gynecologist and former state assemblyman, was asked to a meeting at Clarice Zucker’s home. Zu...
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Lyme Literacy

Frank and Ronda Arndorfer of Pewaukee were boating on the Atlantic coast last summer when their chronically ill son Chris, 24, took a turn for the worse. They d...
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Death Race 2010

Mark Sirek has some advice for those thinking of competing in the Riverwest 24-Hour Bike Race. “When you feel like laying in a crying huddled mass on the side ...
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The Telltale Foot

  The woman was in her early 50s and arrived at Columbia St. Mary’s with a severely deformed foot. It had changed shape over time, and now it was odd...