Cafe Bavaria in Tosa to Be Renamed and Changed to 'Northwoods' Concept

Cafe Bavaria is getting a complete makeover and a new name.

The latest in Lowlands Group’s evolution is to transform Cafe Bavaria in downtown Wauwatosa in a totally different venue ‒ a Wisconsin Northwoods-inspired tavern/lakeside lodge/classic supper club called The Buckatabon.

Five-year-old Bavaria (7700 Harwood Ave.) won’t close until November, with a target opening of early 2020 for its replacement. Bavaria is a brother restaurant to the Cafe Hollanders, Cafe Benelux and Centraal Grand Cafe & Tappery (which recently had a menu refresh and slight name change).

The Wisco theme is very much a departure for this Euro-centric group. Culinary director Thomas Hauck is creating the menus, which will focus on the state’s regional food and beverage traditions and “celebrate the culinary and cultural peculiarities that make the state so unique,” per the Lowlands press release.

Photo courtesy of Lowlands Group

While not listing any specific menu items for the new place, Hauck cited dishes and ingredients that inspire him, from wild rice and cranberries to broasted chicken and booyah stew. And unlike the European beer lists that define the other Lowlands restaurants, The Buckatabon ‒ named for the Buckatabon lakes in upper Wisconsin ‒ will serve Wisconsin beer exclusively and use local distillers and bitters in its cocktails, which include (naturally) old fashioneds and ice cream drinks.  

An earlier change to Bavaria already took place ahead of this announcement. The Village Beer Garden opened in June and was created using the reconfigured patios of Bavaria and neighbor Cafe Hollander. The red-and-white Badger themed patio is intended to be a sign of the Wisconsin sports focus at The Buckatabon. 

Further, Lowlands says it will partner with Northwoods supper clubs, taverns and lodges in the form of recipe-sharing, cross-promotion and “sharing several unique Northwoods traditions a bit closer to home,” according to the press release.

Photo courtesy of Lowlands Group




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