Butt Why Does This Local Artist Love Booty Portraits?

We sat down with RADillustrates’ Rachal Duggan.

Rachal Duggan, RADillustrates; Photo by Scott Richards

LOCAL ILLUSTRATOR Rachal Duggan’s busiest season is kicking off. In the next few months, she’ll draw hundreds of butt portraits that will likely end up wrapped and under a tree. We asked her about her unique business RADillustrates (radillustrates.com) and her overnight TikTok success

What is it about butts?  

It’s so fun! It’s just this magical moment that happens when people trust you and feel connected to you. And I’m not a creep. I’m not a weirdo – well I’m a weirdo, but in a good way. It’s a safe space to be celebrating our bodies in a time when people are so down to be doing that. 

You have a pretty big following on TikTok (10,000+ followers), how did that happen?  

[Influencer Libby Living Colorfully] posted a video of me on TikTok in February. I woke up and my phone had like 100 orders and all these notifications. It blew my mind. It went viral, and all of a sudden other people were posting about it and wedding planners were like, “My biggest regret is not having a booty portrait artist at my wedding.”

Illustration courtesy of Rachal Duggan, RADillustrates


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