The driver who tangled with a pack of angry pedestrians will face a trio of misdemeanor charges.

What not to do when you’re a wanted fugitive (although the Milwaukee Police Department’s detective division sure appreciates it): post a story about the search for you to your personal Facebook account. That’s what Joshua Sassi, 30, alleged to be the pickup driver in June 15’s vehicular brouhaha on Brady Street. did on Friday, June 17. Come Monday, Sassi has been charged with two counts of hit and run, both misdemeanors, and another for disorderly conduct. A video filmed across the street captured guys hanging out on Brady Street taking matters into their own hands, wielding a stop sign as a sword/lance, and dumping a perfectly good drink on Sassi as he tried to drive away.

But, according to MPD, it wasn’t the Facebook post that led to Sassi’s arrest: a “citizen tip” led officers to his vehicle, which was later parked on North Oakland Avenue.

Sassi, who currently lives in Menomonee Falls, is due in court for a bond hearing on Friday. In 2011, he pleaded no contest to a theft charge and guilty to disorderly conduct in 2007. Sassi explained June 15’s alleged hit-and-run-turned-mini-rampage to police by saying the crowd frightened him and he didn’t have a driver’s license to show police. Also posted to Sassi’s Facebook page is a video of a “SuperCharged Mustang Cobra” burning out in a parking lot and a picture of his pet salamander Sally.

Original Brady Street video: