Video time! Go behind the scenes with Stephanie Shipley, the co-owner and pastry wizard of Amaranth Bakery, for "The Food Lover's Guide" cover shoot.

Flour flew through the air on the set of our March cover shoot. And no, this was no food fight. For our cover story, “The Food Lover’s Guide,” our art department got extra creative. And thanks to Stephanie Shipley, the┬áco-owner and pastry wizard of Amaranth Bakery (3329 W. Lisbon Ave.), they had a willing participant in their wacky experiment.

The art department used 45 pounds of flour for tossing, shaking and downright throwing. Shipley brought her own apron, bowls and brioche forms, and created a starter dough, which is often used as the basis for recipes at Amaranth. She also brought her game face, as evident in the photos.

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The cover was shot by Adam Ryan Morris, with flour aid provided by Senior Designer Krista Schmidt, Art Director Kathryn Lavey, Designer Rachel Stinebring, Production Coordinator Kelly Rippl and Laura Dierbeck, our photography intern.



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