Why yes, Packers fans, there is an online text archive of the entire show.

Surely you’ve heard how Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers conquered his close encounter with Alex Trebek, an astronaut and a “Shark Tank” billionaire on “Jeopardy!” Tuesday. So Rodgers not only earned $50,000 for the MACC Fund, but a quick retort the next time someone questions him in the huddle: “Hey Jordy, what is ‘Shut your mouth?'”

But just in case you missed Tuesday’s episode, or forgot to record it, or wanted to waste 10 minutes at the office, there’s an online text archive of Rodgers’ entire game. Show No. 7067 has taken its rightful place in the J! Archive, complete with every question, answer and smart-aleck remark from Trebek.

Yes, some quiz show fans have gone to the trouble of chronicling every “Jeopardy!” episode and making them accessible to the world. Probably just to make you feel that much guiltier during your next viewing of “Real Housewives.”

So click the link to test your wits against Mr. Rodgers. And if you happen to beat him, try staying modest about it. He does, after all, still have that whole future Hall of Fame NFL career going for him.