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Rich Rovito

Brotherhood of Bruisers

On Saturday nights in suburbia, hundreds gather to watch men in tights grapple in staged combat that has been described as ballet with violence. But forgive the occasional off-script moment when the tough guys get a twitch of emotion and the tears begin to fall. Story by Tom Conroy and Rich Rovito....

Watts Owner Explains Surprising Plans to Close Downtown Store, Tea Shop

Watts, the great-great-grandson of founder George Watts, announced late Friday that the business, whose roots date back more than 140 years, will continue to operate as an online entity and will offer specialty goods that have been hallmarks of the brand. The retail storefront and restaurant will remain open, with normal operating hours, until after Christmas Day....

Let It Grow

When it comes to saving for retirement, do you have the knowledge necessary to chart your own course, or would you benefit from some professional expertise? Use our guide to help you decide and, if appropriate, to find an adviser who is worth the investment....
Rich Rovito

Rich Rovito

Rich Rovito is a freelance writer for Milwaukee Magazine.