13 Artsy Classes to Take in Milwaukee

Painting, music, writing and more!

Visual Arts


There’s more to taking a good picture than just hitting the button. You’ll leave this class knowing about lens adjustments, lighting, shutter speeds and camera angles.

Class: Photography Course – Art’s Cameras Plus 
Cost: $169 for five 2½-hour classes 


Learn to paint landscapes fit for the Milwaukee Art Museum or, at the very least, the walls of your home.

Class: Introduction to Acrylic Painting – Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts
Cost: $70 for four classes

Performing Arts


Learn basic acting skills  like body language and vocal expression – from some of the best stage actors in the city.

Class: Basic Acting I: Introduction to Performance – The Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Cost: $150 for six classes


With Mojo Dojo, you’ll learn long-form improv and how to remain in character for characters you created you created in a series of “Yes, and…”s.

Class: Way of the Crane: Introductory Improv – Mojo Dojo Comedy
Cost: $160 for eight sessions and a performance



Piano lessons as an adult at the finest Wisconsin music conservatory are sure to be more fun than classes you were forced into as a kid.

Class: Group Piano for Adults – Wisconsin Conservatory of Music 
Cost: $300 for 15 classes


Earn finger calluses and serenade your family and friends with the newfound guitar skills that you’ll gain after learning from these instructors.

Class: Guitar Lessons – Top Shelf Guitar Shop
Cost: $17 per half-hour


Picking up the ukulele isn’t as difficult as guitar, but the tunes it can play are just as delightful.

Class: Ukelele Just for Fun
Cost: $87.70 for six 85-minute classes



Writers of any genre or ability level are welcome at this workshop-style class. where, in addition to peer review, students receive line-by-line instructor critique.

Class: Monday Night Writing Workshop – All Writers Workshop
Cost: $70

Crafts & Hobbies


Want to make old furniture look brand new?

Class: Wood Finishing – Woodcraft
Cost: $85


Giving you the knowledge of how to beautify your favorite photographs and greeting cards, this class is the gift that keeps on giving.

Class: Decorative Picture Matting – Waukesha County Technical College
Cost: $130


Play with clay as an adult and make yourself all of the mugs and vases you’ll ever need with this all-supplies-included pottery introduction.

Class: Beginning Wheel – Murray Hill Pottery
Cost: $175


Light up your home with the small stained glass sun-catcher you’ll make at this comprehensive, hands-on seminar.

Class: Stained Glass Seminar – Lemon Street Gallery
Cost: $50 


Master the skills necessary to combine words and ideas using Adobe and Photoshop, and get this – no experience is necessary.

Class: Intro to Graphic Design – Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Cost: $225 for six 3-hour classes

Express Yourself

If you’re looking to explore your creativity, there’s no better place to start than Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design’s Continuing Education program.

Each semester, the school offers a wide selection of reasonably priced classes, including drawing, painting and photography. New for this spring is an Introduction to Graphic Design class, and also Make/Believe: Draw! which explores the process of drawing, rather than the results. Register before Jan. 28 to receive a discounted rate. 

How to Do Anything: The Best Continuing Education Classes to Take in Milwaukee

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