L'Oreos from C. Adams Bakery

If You’re Anti-Valentine’s Day, Here’s How to Observe Singles Awareness Day Instead

The day after Valentine’s Day is actually a holiday in itself.

Fast approaching is the day splattered in red and pink, decorated with fake hearts and too many convenience store stuffed animals. (Mercifully, at least those infamous candy conversation hearts with ‘sweet’ messages on them will be absent.) Though the chalky candies are taking a break, the cloying euphoria of other people’s Valentine’s Day will still be present.

If you are single on Valentine’s Day, fear not: wait 24 hours and it’ll be your day. That’s right, Singles Awareness Day is February 15, the perfect day to treat yourself. Below are ways to celebrate you, and all the best parts of love.

1) Roses are red, I deserve some too…

Who says you have to wait for someone to buy you a dozen roses? All those bouquets and flowers aren’t only made for giving to others; give one to yourself! Check out The Flower Lady or Flowers for Dreams. Fun, fresh flowers for you, from you.

2) Treat yo’ self

There’s nothing more to love than. The best ‘pick-me-ups’ start with you. Grab a sweet treat —  a cupcake with extra sprinkles, a cookie sandwich or even a slice of chocolate silk pie — at C. Adam’s Bakery located in Milwaukee’s Public Market. Other great options: Batches or Miss Molly’s for baked goods, and Tabal or Kehr’s for chocolate.

3) Yoga at the Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum and OmTownYogis present yoga under the wings. On Saturday, Feb. 16, release the stress of Valentine’s Day and find your inner Zen. What better way to start the weekend than by ridding yourself of all the tension from other people’s suffocating, gooey love? Yoga starts at 8:15 a.m.

4) Old World Third Street Cupid’s Shuffle

Take to the streets Saturday, Feb. 16, for the first annual Cupid’s Shuffle event. Choose from a read wristband if you’re ‘taken’, green if you’re ‘single and ready to mingle’ and yellow if you are there to have a good time with all the drink specials.

At participating bars, those wristbands can be used to get a deal: Red specials are $4, Yellow at $3 and Green wristbands just $2 a drink. When you register, not only do you get drink discounts, but you also receive a free T-shirt. In the name of love and alcohol, what is there not to be happy about on this Singles Awareness Day weekend?!

5) Honeypie Palentine’s Day Dinner with Twisted Path Distillery

Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be for those celebrating with a significant other. Take those friends out to dinner with the fine dining option at Honeypie. Hand-crafted cocktails will be served by Twisted Path Distillery. A welcome cocktail and four special courses paired with the love of family and friends, can you really ask for more? Tickets start at $60.

6) UWM’s Festival of Films in French

Starting Feb. 15, UW-Milwaukee’s French program is hosting their 22nd annual French film festival. Enjoy sixteen films until Feb. 24. Remember those sweet treats you bought for yourself? Grab a few more and head down to UWM to sit back, relax and escape to France — it’s free.