10 Tips and Trends for the Perfect Milwaukee Wedding

We asked readers and local experts for their best wedding tips.

Hot Tips from MilMag readers

1) @yesicbaby — Enjoy every moment of being engaged. Have all the parties and get-togethers celebrating your engagement. Planning the wedding can get a little stressful. It’s good to take a break and remember why you are doing it in the first place. 

2) @missphave — Put all that effort and money into the marriage … the wedding day is a blur.

3) @kschlichty — Don’t let anyone pressure you into getting married a certain way. It is your day as a couple.

4) @colleenlovesu — Have the stationer address the invitation envelopes and prep the thank yous.

What’s New in Wedding Bouquets

Flowers are an essential accessory to add beauty and whimsy to your wedding-day look. Three local experts weigh in on current trends in bouquets:

Concept photo of human hands creating tulip bouquet
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1) “So many of the weddings we design are all white and green with a pop of champagne. I personally love that look and I see more couples wanting it. I think it’s a return to classic, timeless style.” Sally Vander Wyst, Milwaukee Flower Co.

2) “Lately, we’ve been designing romantic bouquets with a variety of petal shapes, greenery and berries that create different textures and subtle color contrasts.” Kelly Kregel, Jane Kelly Floral

3) Cascade bouquets are coming back – they are a timeless trend. We are so excited that 2019 brides are branching out and choosing unique colors.”Emily Neubauer, Belle Fiori

3 Photos to Ask For

TJ and Shannon Uttke of Uttke Photo & Design specialize in photos that capture people sharing authentic moments. “Our style is honest, unscripted imagery of wedding days and couples,” says Shannon. We asked them to recommend some of their favorite photo setups.

Ramel and Danielle Bly above Montego Bay in Jamaica for a getaway vow renewal. Photo by Joshua Dwain.

1) The “first look.” It’s private, romantic and there’s no pressure. Not only can you do what you’d like to do, it gives you a jump-start on your wedding day and allows more moments for the two of you to be together.

2) Sunset. The magic hour offers the best light for photographs, so if it’s possible, sneak away from the festivities and head outside during this interlude. You’ll get great photos, and you’ll also have a little time to catch your breath and spend a quiet moment together.

3) Include your dog. Your best friend deserves to be a part of your day. Dress him or her up with a floral arrangement.

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