For those who want a bachelor or bachelorette party that’s a little avant garde, Brew City has much more to offer than a Water Street bar crawl. Today’s friendly fêtes are more out-of-the-box than ever.

 1:  This includes tarot-card reading, as at Madeleine Hannes’ bachelorette party earlier this year: “Each girl sat with the reader, and afterwards we all chatted about our fortunes. It was a great way to bond with everyone and enjoy some quieter moments in the midst of a wild celebration.” Might we suggest Shorewood tarot reader, Mary Miss?

 2:  Dave Swanson, chef-owner of Braise’s cooking school, loves to host private bachelorette parties, noting that after the class wraps, some women bar-hop at nearby establishments.

 3:  For the arts-minded, the Third Ward’s Splash Studio offers three private packages incorporating adult beverages and painting, and a private Drink & Ink party at Bay View Printing Co. can be a fun co-ed experience, bridging letterpress instruction with BYO drinks.

 4:  If your friends have strong stomachs, take to the water. Lianna Bishop was surprised to board a sailboat for a friend’s bachelorette party in summer 2016. “It was a unique way for us to spend time outside, enjoying drinks and snacks while soaking in the beautiful views,” she says.

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