All the Brew Ha Ha

All the Brew Ha Ha

The owner of the city’s first “self-brewery” has lots of foamy advice.

A beer-making home away from home. That describes Brü Self-Brewery (4343 S. 27th St.), a 4,000-square-foot facility that stocks the grains, hops and hardware to make sizable batches of pilsner, IPA, stout and other beers, whether you’re a beginner or a savvy brewer. Brü’s Ron Jacobson gets down and hoppy with us.

What is the draw for novices?
Every ingredient is laid out for you [and] someone is always at hand to answer questions.

And for the experienced home-brewer?
We’ll be expanding to renting our equipment so you can bring in your own hops and grains. It becomes an upscale option for brewers – and people who might want to open a small brewery one day – to test their recipes with our equipment.

An average batch of beer translates to about 72 (22-ounce) bombers. What’s the best way to store them?
For the first week, [the beer] has to sit in a warm room. The yeast activates in the bottle. [After that,] move it to the basement. Direct sunlight is its biggest enemy.

And the shelf life?
If you follow rigorous sanitizing, the beer should last years.

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