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Acai/smoothie bowls, veggie burgers and kale chips, oh my!

Acai and smoothie bowls are coming to Milwaukee Public Market in June. That’s via a new counter-service business called On the Bus, which will also offer quite a bit more vegan and vegetarian items. Owner Emily Ware – a partner in the market’s Green Kitchen salad, sandwich, juice bar – is restoring a 1971 Volkswagen Bus that will be the visual centerpiece of her business (which will take over FORM Fine Goods & Floral, next to Thief Wine Shop & Bar).  

Ware plans to make things like veggie burgers, kale chips and almond milk in-house. Beyond made-to order smoothies and date shakes ($6-$8), coconut smoothies ($8-$10), and acai and smoothie bowls ($8-$10), she has a lineup of plant-based sandwiches like Jamaican jerk tofu, vegan Reuben and gourmet grilled cheese with blueberry jam and balsamic vinaigrette).

The trendy acai bowls ($8-$10) are composed of acai berries, other fruit, plus coconut flakes, granola, cacao nibs, peanut butter and even spinach.

Breakfast ($4-$8) is also part of the package. To that end, there will be bagels, avocado toast, granola and almond milk, oatmeal and overnight oats with fruit and nuts. (400 N Water St.)